Back support(size 1-4)


Muscle and bone injuries can happen at any time. Prevention is the best cure, and a support belt can help a lot, but the movement is good for your back even after an injury. A belt can be used in both summer and winter will help you stabilize your hips and pelvis and effectively support the lower spine. This back support is made of high-quality composite leather, steel bar, and elastic belt. In summer, users can remove the protection cushion to make it cooler and more breathable. In winter, users can place back the protection to keep warm. It is permeable and stable.

Small Waist Size: 75-85cm
Medium Waist Size: 85-95cm
Large Waist Size: 95-105cm
Large Waist Size: 95-105cm

Color may vary from the picture.

How to use:

1. Please use this product at the instruction of a doctor;

2. While lying, put the back support beneath your back, and adjust the fastenings to obtain the optimum fit;

3. While standing, try to stand as straight as possible, and then wear the Back Support on the waist, adjust the fastenings until you feel comfortable.

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